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Secure Product Destruction

...peace of mind

Thamesdown Recycling works with customers who need to destroy recalled, inferior or faulty, passed shelf-life, incorrectly labelled, damaged, brand retirement or counterfeit branded goods.

We can assess your requirement and recommend secure product destruction solutions. If you have a regular volume of goods then we can schedule collection or receipt of goods followed by timely destruction. If you have an unforeseen requirement then we can respond with speed and professionalism.

Services include the secure destruction of confidential documentation and data, tobacco, branded goods, drinks products, food and semi-fluid drinks.

We are really good at engineering new solutions for new challenges.

The Thamesdown Recycling comprehensive destruction and recycling processes ensure that waste products never reappear in the market place in their original form. A destruction certificate is produced for all goods destroyed. Customers can witness their destruction by arrangement.

Wherever possible, all material that can be recovered is recycled and any residual waste is used to produce energy, including anaerobic digestion.

if you have an unforeseen requirement then we can respond