Aluminium and Steel Cans

Thamesdown Recycling handle and reprocess steel and aluminium cans from businesses of all sizes and sectors.

We manage the onward shipment of recyclates to approved re-processors ensuring that your waste producer's duty of care is correctly discharged. We achieve this by having relevant facilities to sort and separate the cans from other waste. Once the waste has been removed and the steel and aluminium cans have been separated and baled they are then forwarded to the next stage to be processed for remanufacturing.

Below are some examples of the aluminium products we actively and continue to sort and reprocess, but are not limited to:

  • Food Containers
  • Drink Cans
  • Aluminium Foil / Trays
  • Container Lids

Aluminium cans are examples of what is known as closed loop recycling. Closed loop recycling is a production cycle where a by-product or waste product can be reused to make new products. For example, old cans are sorted and separated, recycled and remade into new beverage cans or new car parts. Aluminium cans are recyclable and do not lose their quality even after being reprocessed over and over again.

Thamesdown Recycling is the regional aggregation centre for Novelis Aluminium Cans. Novelis is a global leader in rolling and specializes in coil-coating, laminating, tray and container production.

Our years of experience allow us to identify the best markets in an ever-changing world. We specialise in resolving your trade and commercial waste collections and recycling challenges, making us the best recycling partner.