Secure Destruction Service

Secure Product Destruction has been developed at Thamesdown Recycling over the years to include, but not restricted to most food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, semi-fluids, dairy products, tea, coffee and also confidential paper documents, data and digital media.

Thamesdown Recycling provides a bespoke, safe and secure product destruction and recycling service for clients that need assured destruction of their goods and products. We have successfully provided a secure destruction service for a range of companies, local and nationwide within many different business sectors which include local authorities, law enforcement agencies, manufacturing companies, supermarkets, distribution centres and many other branded companies.

Examples of why your product may require secure destruction:

  • Brand retirement
  • Contaminated packaging
  • Counterfeit or confiscated branded goods
  • Damaged stock
  • Faulty products
  • Incorrectly labelled products
  • Inferior quality
  • Near or passed shelf-life products
  • Recalled products

We can assess your requirements and recommend secure product destruction solutions as we understand the importance of brand value and its reputation to a business. We can provide a secure process through the supply chain from collection and transportation to the destruction and disposal of the product.

If you have a regular volume of goods then we can schedule collections which are securely transported with a receipt of goods followed by timely destruction. If you have an unforeseen requirement then we can respond with speed and professionalism. We are really good at engineering new solutions for new challenges.

Our site has 24-hour CCTV surveillance which monitors and records the whole procedure from receipt to destruction.

The Thamesdown Recycling comprehensive destruction and recycling processes ensure that products never reappear in the market place. You will receive duty of care paperwork for transportation of the products and a certificate of destruction is produced on completion of all goods destroyed. Clients can witness the destruction of their products by appointment.

Wherever possible, all materials such as plastic, metal, glass and cardboard are recovered and recycled and any resulting residual waste is used to produce energy, such as anaerobic digestion and RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) therefore reducing waste to landfill.