Thamesdown Recycling offer a reliable, cost effective glass collection service to companies all over the UK. We service local companies across areas such as Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Berkshire as well as areas such as London for bulk collection.

Our glass wheelie bin vehicles allow us to service local companies such as hotels, schools, supermarkets, clubs, pubs and restaurants that produce regular amounts.

Types of glass we can process include bottles, jars and food containers whether they be colour-separated or mixed.

No matter what size your business, we can offer a custom-made service that will be a solution to your glass waste. This service includes arranging collections to work around you, being hassle free with a range of purpose built collection vehicles to cater for your needs to make it simple.

Once the glass has been processed it is then forwarded on to a glass re-processing plant. At this stage, the glass will go through a number of processes where it is crushed and cleaned ready for reuse by bottle/ jar manufacturers.