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New site safety system implemented – Zonesafe

The safety of our staff and visitors on our site is our highest priority and we are always looking at ways in which we can increase their safety in this environment. Therefore, Due to the high volumes of traffic through our site each day and the wide range of industrial vehicles used, we have invested in a ZoneSafe alert system. This system eliminates major risk factors on our site involving accidents between pedestrian workers and vehicles when they are manoevering, reversing, loading, unloading and tipping.

ZoneSafe is a proximity warning and alert system designed to create safe working environments between pedestrian workers and industrial vehicles.Using innovative RFID technology, a 360-degree detection zone is created around vehicles, assets, crossings and walkways using an antenna.

RFID tags, either worn by personnel or fitted to vehicles, are detected by the system when they enter or breach the detection zone. Regardless of any obstruction, the active tags eliminate driver blind spots and poor visibility issues.

When the system detects a tag, for example, when a person or vehicle enters the detection zone, an audible-visual alarm is triggered to provide an instant alert. Once a tag is no longer detected in the danger zone or collision risk area, the alarm will stop.

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