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Real ale solution to cutting down on glass recycling

Swindon-based Arkell’s Brewery is urging customers to drink real ale and reduce the number of glass bottles which go to waste.

“Each bottle of beer represents one more bottle in the wheelie bin, but each pint of Arkell’s cask ale leaves no empty bottle and a little less waste for the next generation to deal with,” said Managing Director, James Arkell.

“Of course we produce beer in bottles too, but we’re also working with Thamesdown Recycling to increase the amount we recycle every week.”

Every week Thamesdown Recycling visits all of Arkell’s managed houses around the Swindon area and empties between one and two 240-litre wheelie bins full of glass bottles, taking them away for recycling.

All glass is recycled either back into glass containers or for use in aggregates.

Steve Bennett, business development director at Thamesdown Recycling, said: “You can certainly tell which pubs sell more real ale, because there’s a lot less for our drivers to take away.”

According Waste Watch, a leading environmental charity dedicated to the reduction, reuse and recycling of household waste, annually the total glass usage in the UK is estimated at around 3.6 million tonnes.

James added: “We’re doing what we can to reduce the amount that goes from our managed houses to landfill and are encouraging all Arkell’s tenants to do the same, and if we sell more real ale then that’s wonderful – it’s how beer was meant to be enjoyed – straight from the barrel!”

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