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Thamesdown doubles its baling capacity with new baler

Due to increased tonnage of single stream recyclable materials that require baling once sorted, Thamesdown Recycling have installed a new Whitham Mills-supplied, Godswill twin ram baler at their site. 

The new baler will be used to help process and bale growing waste streams such as mixed paper and cardboard as well as boost waste capacity and throughput.

Thamesdown now have 2 twin ram balers on site. One Harris Baler and one Godswill baler which are capable of baling all different types of waste streams all day long, from hard plastics and aluminium cans to film grades and paper. It also means that when a baler is down for scheduled maintenance, there is still the other baler on site that can continue to keep up with the daily throughput of materials which means that there is no back log of loose material on site waiting to be processed. 

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